This is how it all started...

Youth unemployment remains a serious policy challenge in many sub-Saharan African countries, including Uganda. The youth in Uganda share a disproportionate burden of the difficult circumstances that people experience such as poverty, unemployment and diseases. This is partially because of the limited opportunities for practical skills acquisition and viable employment, and poor access to health and social services. The ideas, inspirations, aspirations, considerable energy and vision of the youth are essential for the continuing development of society.

One key initiative is YouthConnekt which has been implemented in Rwanda with enormous successes in regards to supporting youth advance and develop themselves. YouthConnekt Initiative provides a context-specific approach to what works in addressing issues of youth unemployment, human rights, and inclusion in socio-economic and political processes. Building on the successes of Rwanda, Uganda signed up to scale up YouthConnekt initiative.

How Its Going...

Key milestones in Uganda

  • Learning from the successes of Rwanda, Uganda signed up to scale up YouthConnekt initiative;
  • In 2016, during a meeting to show case Rwanda’s success with the YouthConnekt Initiative, Uganda presented the best pitch of an approach to scale-up the YouthConnekt initiative;
  • United Nations in Uganda in partnership with the country’s Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development launched the YouthConnekt Initiative on 30th June 2017;
  • Uganda being one of the countries that signed up for YouthConnekt initiative participated at the YouthConneKt Africa Summit during the period 19-21 July 2017;
  • YouthConnekt Uganda Implementation Plan was developed in 2017, the plan outlines the scale up model for Uganda learning from the success for Rwanda in view of the country’s context. The scale up model for Uganda is in line with UN in Uganda Adolescents and Youth Strategy which was adopted by UN in Uganda Country Team. Uganda’s model is premised on improving the skills set, mindset change and engagement of youth to co-create as well as taking up opportunities themselves and will is being implemented as a joint UN initiative;
  • A grant of $10,000 was awarded to two entrepreneurs through TEF in 2018.
  • Hosted a successful UNDP Africa youth regional workshop on Leadership, Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship in December, 2018.
  • Over 40 of our young entrepreneurs received each $5,000 grant from TEF in 2019.
  • Hosted a second successful UNDP Africa youth regional workshop on 21st century leadership and entrepreneurship in December, 2019.
  • We are growing initiative with over 530 members where 43% are women, and 57% are men.