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  • The Youth Hangout
    The Youth Hangout
    The youth hangout will aim to connect Youth to available opportunities. It will allow youth to participate from different locations, discuss ...
  • The Boot Camp
    The Boot Camp
    The boot camp will bring together selected young innovators to improve their innovations, pitch to independent judges, acquire additional skills, ...
  • Champion/Awards Event
    Champion/Awards Event
    These awards are intended to promote and encourage youth innovators particularly those who take part in the boot camp. Innovators will be ...
  • Youth Convention
    Youth Convention
    The Youth Convention will be aimed at;- 1) Create a gateway of interaction of Youth living in country and abroad to discuss the National ...
  • Month Holiday Programme
    Month Holiday Programme
    The youth holiday month will be implemented during the long holidays of December to February. The proposed holiday programme will also be in line ...